Recuerdos = Mementos

Ishmael SPARKS
Birth:  May 31, 1866 Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana, USA
Death:  May 31, 1930 Pecos, Reeves County, Texas, USA
Son of Peter S. and Mary Ellen (Fidler) Sparks, husband of Mary L. North.
In 1892 he went to Santa Fe, capital city of what was then a territory, and assumed full charge of the Santa Fe Water and Light company, holding
his position for four years, and with the savings from his salary, organized the Santa Fe Telephone company, and with the ownership of this
utility he became one of the first independent operators of telephones in the United States.
In the politics of the territory of New Mexico, Mr. Sparks became internationally known, first as the mayor of Santa Fe when he negotiated with the U.S. government for the annexation of Fort Marcy reservation by the city of Santa Fe. He was cordially welcomed at Washington by Theodore Roosevelt and members of his cabinet, and the matter was disposed of speedily in favor of the New Mexico capitol city. Later he entertained Roosevelt when he visited in Santa Fe. The city prospered under his administration. He was the logical leader in the fight for statehood; opposition from within and without had to be overcome, and when this goal was finally reached, the larger share of the honor went to the fighting spirit of Mr. Sparks.

He also had large investments in Pecos, Texas and was a local booster.
At the time of his death he was planning a large apartment in the heart of the city-- a vital need.